September 18, 2018

Property Management Best Practices for Emergency Call Answering Service

Emergency Call answering service, man on phone

There are numerous reasons why a call answering service can help your property management firm. From booking appointments, taking lease applications by phone or even handling maintenance requests, the list seems unending. But did you know that emergency call answering services could save you even more time and money?

It’s always best to have yourself, your customers and your employees covered, so make sure you are informed about the benefits of an emergency call answering service to see if it’s right for you.

Benefits of an Emergency Call Answering Service

The business world is changing, and 9-5 business hours are changing along with it. Your customers, tenants, and prospects need to be able to reach you in case of an emergency at any time. But of course, you can’t be working 24/7. So, what’s the solution? How can your customers always be cared for in case of an emergency while you still get your off-hours?

It’s simple, really, you just need an emergency call answering service. With Always Answer, we take the over-time out of your schedule. Instead, we answer your after-hour calls, emergency calls, or screen your calls so you don’t have to spend the whole day on the phone because you have a property to run!

Maintenance Emergencies with an Emergency Call Answering Service

Do you have a maintenance emergency list? Which issues require immediate or after-hours assistance? We can screen your calls and make sure you’re not rushing to an issue that should be covered the next day instead, keeping your costs down.

Emergency calls usually happen after hours when no one is in the office to take that very important call. But our agents are calm, helpful and experienced in handling a variety of emergency calls, such as overflowing toilets, tenants being locked out, gas leaks, no hot water, etc. We can forward your personal, maintenance or office phones to our call center for a 24/7 live agent to screen, dispatch or message your call depending on the scale of the emergency.

Our emergency call answering service delivers the pressing messages immediately with a live phone call or text to your designated phone, either to your on-call maintenance or your personal phone. This means that you have fewer minor calls clogging up your lines, with only the most important making their way to you and your staff after-hours.

Medical Emergencies with an Emergency Call Answering Service

Do you have a plan for medical emergency calls or calls during high volume times? Our emergency call answering service can help handle these issues with seamless service and professional quality no matter the time or volume.

And having someone always there to answer, listen and forward calls means your tenants are always cared for, safe and happy. What a great mix for your property management firm!

Don’t Delay, Get an Emergency Call Answering Service Today!

Need more reasons why an emergency call answering service is the right choice for your property management firm? Give us a call today and see just how much time, hassle and money you can save by having your property’s most pressing emergencies addressed first.

Request pricing, email us or call us at 1-800-606-9898 to learn about how you can try Always Answer emergency call answering services for free for your first week. We know you won’t want to go back to your old ways after seeing the convenience and quality we provide to you, your business and your customers.