December 22, 2017

How to Personalize Your Customer Service Without Sounding Scripted or Salesy

Call Center Operator Personalizing Her Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is what sets your company apart from your competitors. By personalizing your customer service, your customers will immediately get the feeling that they are valued and cared for. No one wants to feel like a number in a long list of calls. Personalized and engaging conversation is what will keep your customers coming back.

Provide Real People

No one enjoys talking to a robot. When your customers call your call center, they want to talk to a real live human being versus an automated machine. The voices that your customers are presented with are the voices of your company and its brand. Be sure that your representatives are not only savvy with answering phones, but also savvy in dealing with people. Each rep should answer the phone stating his/her name in a polite and happy voice. This sets the tone for the rest of the call.

Route Calls Appropriately

When a customer calls your answering service, they want to immediately talk to the right representative. There’s nothing more frustrated than being passed around from rep to rep. Use CRM interfaces to screen and route customer calls appropriately. This way, customers are much less likely to get frustrated.

Be Proactive

Most customers contact a company when they have a problem or are upset. Quality customer service comes from your ability for your representatives to stay positive and proactive and, most importantly, patient. While the customer may believe it’s the end of the world, it’s your call center’s job to assure them that everything will be just fine.

Never Blame the Customer

A frustrated customer doesn’t want to hear that they did something wrong. When it comes to customer service, always remember that it’s never the customer’s fault. Apologize and provide a solution for the customer versus blaming and pointing the finger. More often than not a customer’s complaint can be turned into constructive criticism to make your product or service even better.



Diligent Call Center Optimized



Outsource for Quality Customer Service

Training a staff of customer service reps is timely and expensive. If you want to offer quality customer service without breaking the bank, outsourcing is the best option. With the right company, you can have peace of mind that your customers are well taken care of.

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