September 1, 2017

Overcoming Automation: The Successful Statistics Behind Using a Call Center

People having great Customer Service Experiences

In the modern age of automation, where only the businesses keeping up with rapid changes in technology can cut the mustard, it’s important to outshine your competition. Call center outsourcing is an important facet of a thriving business—one that needs inbound call service management.

Always Answer provides statistics proving that an effective call center helps businesses gain leads and promote conversion, as call centers are likely the most influential component of customer relationship management.

Why Use a Call Center?

Even the most aggressive ad campaign and other direct marketing strategies cannot compete with the influence a call center has. For instance, by discussing your product or service with a live answering service, customers can gain insight into what you have to offer. A well-operated call center such as Always Answer has the metrics to prove to businesses that we will provide a high return on investment.

What Always Answer Offers Your Industry:

  • A U.S.-based live answering service: The Avaya Consumer Preference Report showed that nearly 80% of responders prefer to interact with a company via the telephone, compared to 35% who prefer email, and less than 20% who prefer Web self-service.
  • More points of contact: Forrester Research estimates that a well-run call center notes that 3,000 agents averaging 50 phone call a day have more than 54 million points of contact with the customer base per year.
  • Speed and thoroughness: Our friendly agents make sure to resolve your customers’ questions and concerns on the first call. Studies show that when a customer’s problem is resolved immediately on that first call, only 1% are likely to try a competitor, compared to 15% when their problem was not resolved.

Your customers’ satisfaction is paramount. Our staff of trained professionals treat your customers with attentive care and ensure your business doesn’t miss a single lead or phone call. To learn more about successful statistics regarding call centers, please contact Always Answer today at 800-606-9898.