January 22, 2014

Medical Call Center Service Evaluation

Medical Call Center Service Evaluation

Medical call centers are highly important because they allow people to receive help when offices are closed or busy. Whether it is scheduling, or needing to speak with an on-call doctor, the call center can handle it. You need to monitor your call center’s statistics in order to ensure your clients are getting the services needed.

Answer Speed

Customers reach higher satisfaction rates when their call is answered faster. The general rule of thumb for a call center is that the phone is picked up within 15 seconds or less. This is approximately three rings. When you are looking at your medical call center’s statistics, this should be the average.

Blocked Calls

The statistics should show how many calls were received, along with how many were not. Any that reached a busy signal rather than an agent are considered blocked calls. It may be due to high demand and low worker ratio. The blocked call statistics need to be low.

On-Call Nurse/Doctor

Over the course of a month, your call center offers statistics on on-call services. Whether you are using their triage, or linking the call center to yours, the statistics show response time. This is from the minute the client hangs up, to the time he receives a call back. Ideally, the response is low with many on-calls attempting to make contact within 30 minutes.

Abandoned Calls

One of the last statistics to look for is the frequency of abandoned calls. This is usually due to a client hanging up after being on hold for too long. An abandoned call is a person who never made it to a call center worker for one reason or another.

Though you cannot count only statistics when evaluating medical call centers, it gives you a good ideas of client satisfaction rates. You may choose to look at these numbers each month, or every few months, to ensure you continue to receive high quality service.