May 22, 2016

Medical Answering Services Provide Lifeline to Patients After Hours

Patients’ needs don’t end when their physician’s office closes in the afternoon. Many patient needs, such as reporting side effects from medication or inquiring about new symptoms, happen outside the traditional hours of 9 to 5. For patients and physicians in the Dallas area, a medical answering service can provide a critical connection outside office hours.

Medical answering services specialize in answering calls for physicians’ offices after normal business hours. Trained professionals handle calls, listening carefully to information provided by patients and taking appropriate steps to help patients resolve situations.


With the help of medical answering call centers, patients can call and check on appointments, change appointments, or schedule new appointments at any time of the day. Call center staff have access to clients’ scheduling books and can easily make changes to appointments.

A call answering service can also refer important calls to doctors or nurses. Situations such as an adverse reaction to medication or new symptoms may require the attention of trained medical professionals. Call center staff can quickly refer these calls to appropriate personnel, ensuring that patients are able to connect with doctors when the need arises.

Professional medical call services also have highly trained staff who understand HIPAA regulations regarding patient confidentiality. These professionals will ensure patient information is maintained in a manner compliant with HIPAA.

In today’s society where products and services are usually just a few taps on a smartphone away, the medical industry must evolve to meet the expectations of an “always on” culture. Call centers can help medical practices meet these expectations. Thanks to medical answering services, health care practices never need worry about missing an important call from a patient. They also ensure that doctors and nurses’ off hours aren’t constantly disrupted, as the services will ensure that only calls requiring a doctor or nurse’s care gets forwarded to them.

Always Answer is a 24-hour inbound call center that has provided answering services for clients since 1975. Always Answer uses state-of-the-art hardware and software, including T-1 circuits to ensure all calls are answered.

Company staff are highly trained, and Always Answer has a low rate of turnover, ensuring that our clients have experienced, qualified call center staff handling calls. For a reliable Dallas answering service, Always Answer offers the technical infrastructure and trained staff medical practices need.