December 6, 2019

Live Answering Services, Features & Industries

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Always Answer has been around for decades, and we’ve kept up with the times! This means we have worked with many industries, perfected many features, and offered many services to meet all of your live answering needs.

We aren’t just a call center for medical industries, or law industries, we work with those divisions plus a huge variety of other business areas! And we don’t just offer 24/7 calling, or bilingual agents, we offer these and a plethora of other unique features. And of course, we don’t just offer virtual receptionist services, or customer support – but six more services with thirteen different qualities.

If you are looking for cookie-cutter service, then we may not be for you, but if you need your live answering services to work for you, your unique industry and business needs – then you need Always Answer. After all, it’s right there in our name, we personalize every communication and live answering service for each of our clients.

Always Answer Services

Always Answer offers live call answering services around the clock, so even when you can’t be there to answer the phone – we will. You can be confident that your out-of-office receptionistemergency dispatcher or customer service representative on the other end of the line is a professional that can provide a wealth of services to your callers!

Always Answer Services Offered:

  • Alert Monitoring & Notification
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Call Center
  • Customer Support
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Event Registration
  • Order Entry
  • Remote Receptionist
  • Survey
  • Voicemail

Always Answer Features

Think we have a lot of services? We have even more features, because we care about matching you up with exactly what you need. Don’t pay for services you don’t need, and don’t settle for a live answering call center that cannot provide you with the specifics and customization you want, instead, connect with Always Answer and let us handle all your answering and call center needs!

Check out a few of our features below:

Bilingual Agents

Hablamos Español! With growing trends in diversity, Always Answer stays ahead of the game with in-house English-Spanish bilingual agents available to take care of your clients.

Call Recording

Do you need your patched calls recorded? Our agent will screen the call per your instructions, connect the caller to you and drop off the line.

Email, Text, & Fax Delivery

Does your management team need to stay in the loop of calls received after hours? We can email multiple users a recap of all messages so you can stay on top of your business.

Toll-Free Numbers

Our toll-free numbers allow us to receive calls from anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. We offer a range of numbers ready for immediate use.


Our voicemail offers convenience and ease of use. Receive immediate notifications via email, text or pager when a message has been received.

Online Account Access

The internet has proven to be a powerful communications platform which can be found practically anywhere you are. Always Answer is proud to offer a diverse set of online tools to make you more efficient.

Web On-Call Schedule

With two different levels of access, Web On-Call Schedule allows everyone on your team to view who is on call but still provide a selected few access to actually make changes.

Live Call Transfer

If you prefer the personal touch of a live, pleasant person on the other end, then Always Answer is your answer.

Always Answer Industries

You already know that Always Answer offers a wide range of call center services such as alarm monitoring, emergency dispatch, live answering, virtual receptionists, and web on-call scheduling, and a huge range of specialty features. But did you know that some of the industries we provide answering services to include healthcare, ad agency, legal and law firms, government agencies, insurance, real estate, transportation, and alarm services?

In our nearly 45 years of serving you, we’ve worked with almost every industry out there! How can we work with everyone? Because we offer an individualized, personal package for each, so we can always meet their needs, whatever they may be!

Want to learn more about a certain area, industry, or service? Visit our website for more information or to contact us – we’re always here, ready to talk with you or your clients!

Enjoy your holidays, manage the retail rush, and leave your phone and other call services to the professionals at Always Answer.