January 24, 2019

New Year Knowledge: What is an Order Taking Service?

Woman on phone with order taking service

Perhaps you have heard of order taking services or order entry services before. Perhaps you are curious about what these services do or how they can help you and your business?

Or perhaps you have even had these services before with one of the other guys and simply weren’t satisfied.

We understand; we hear you. And that’s why Always Answer wants to educate all of our clients about what order taking services are, and how they can help you – when used correctly with the best answering service company in Texas.

Always Answer strives to provide the very best customer service and customer care in the industry. Which means we provide you with all the information, all the time, so you can make the most informed decision for your business needs.

We also tailor our programs specifically for you and your business. You never pay for a service you don’t need or hours and add-ons that don’t suit your company, because we can make a package that only includes the services you want.

We want to be flexible and make your order process as individualized as you are.

Order Taking Services & the Always Answer Promise

How is Always Answer Different?

This is a question that our team gets a lot, and usually, we point right back to our name – Personalized Communications. This means we do not just provide you with great service, but that we personalize that service to meet the exact needs you tell us.

Unfortunately, many of our customers come to us after having a bad experience with another call center or order taking service.

But we want to show you how individualization can change the game. And we want to show you the same amazing customer service we will show your customers!

Whether your order taking needs are based in merchandise, retail, space, or services, we will cater to your needs perfectly and create an order taking service that fits your business – not the other way around.

What Kinds of Orders Can Be Taken?

The short answer to this is – any kind you need.

But we like to be more thorough, more informational than that. So, here are just a few of the order types we can accommodate specifically for your business:

  • Bulk orders
  • Single merchandise orders
  • Specified deliveries
  • Resale orders
  • Rental orders
  • Property or space orders
  • Pick-up orders
  • Business services orders – B2B
  • Personal services orders – B2C
  • And more!

Even if you don’t see your unique need above, Always Answer and our flexible team are happy to create the perfect order taking service for whatever you need. There is no order taking need we cannot meet with our flexible and custom team.

How Will You Receive the Orders?

Second to how we are different, this is the biggest concern many of our clients have – how will we reach you with orders after-hours? How will you be notified?

You do not have to worry about a shortage of mediums, as we can reach you in any preferred method you have.

Often customers place their orders when it is convenient for them, such as after they have left work, which just might be after your working hours as well.

We can either contact you right away via a passive medium or send the information to your business, so you can continue it the next business day.

Whether you prefer text, fax, email, or even a call, we can do that to make sure you never miss a message and never have an order fulfilled late.

Order Taking Services, Answering Services, Call Centers & More

Always Answer should be your go-to order taking service provider, but we don’t stop there, we are also the top answering service and call center in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Any call or phone related needs you have, we are happy to find the perfect plan or package for you. And our personalization doesn’t end at our order taking services either. We want to make a custom package for you, so you get exactly what you need – no more and never less.

Call or try us for free with a 7-day trial and see the difference with Personalized Communication’s service, experience, and innovation.