March 14, 2014

Keeping Your Customers Loyal

There is no question that you create your business. There is also no question that loyal customers maintain it. In 2014 it is expected that customers will change providers totaling a worth of over six trillion dollars. With this in mind, you need to focus the customer experience, to both maintain your base and bring in those switching to new businesses.

There are several problems to look out for that drive customers away. All of these are easily avoidable, especially with the help of a call center.

  • Most customers leave because they do not feel heard. A company can simply offer an incentive and this can fix any issue. The problem is many do not follow through or untrained representatives make promises for which they are not authorized to do. A trained call center will doesn’t run into this issue, because strict guidelines are followed.
  • 42 percent of customers do not feel their personal information is used in a beneficial way. The customer understands the information benefits you, but is often not tailored to them. With every phone call recorded, your answering service will have the customer’s information and background on hand immediately.
  • The Internet can lead to your downfall. Most customers read reviews online prior to doing business with you. Unfortunately, those with a positive one rarely post and the negatives can seem to outweigh everything else. Ensuring you offer a high quality customer support system can help maintain a positive reputation.

Customers today want an experience that is personal and fast. It is extremely difficult for your business to meet these when your staff is facing a slew of other responsibilities. Instead, put these expectations on your call center. The trained agents can meet these expectations, to help ensure your customers remain loyal to the core.