April 14, 2015

Improve Customer Service by Putting Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

The best way to improve your business’s customer service is to understand what your customers go through when they interact with your company. If you never experience your business’s customer service from inside the call center, you are missing valuable insight into how well the business meets its customers needs, how easy it is for them to get help, and how customer interaction can be improved.

  • Do what your customers do – The best way to know what your customers are going through when they interact with your company is to do what they do. Take the time to visit and thoroughly explore your company website, and to call your customer service line. Can you find the information you need easily and quickly? Are your employees as helpful as they can be? Do pages take a long time to load, or did you spend a long time on hold? Knowing how your customer service operations work from the business side is a limited perspective – knowing what your customers know will give you real insight into how well your customer service is working.
  • Get customer feedback – It’s a simple solution, but many businesses never even think to do it. Getting feedback from your customers is a great way to show them that you take their experience seriously, and to collect essential insight into how your customer service is serving your customers. Online surveys, social media, and emails are all possible tools for getting useful feedback from customers, straight from the source.
  • Pay attention to analytics – Analytics is an incredibly valuable resource for small businesses. Examining how long your customers spend visiting a site, what pages they like and which ones they avoid, and which pages have the highest bounce rate can all help you make important changes to your site that will help customers get more information, and have an easier time engaging your business for goods and services.

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Beautiful Customer Representative with headset smiling during a telephone conversation