November 19, 2014

How to Start and Mange a Successful Pet Care Business in Texas

The pet care has skyrocketed in recent years, reaching almost $59 billion by the end of this year. Wouldn’t you like a piece of this pie? There are many services pet owners are willing to pay for, including grooming, pet sitting, walking, poop scooping, training, and more. Some pet owners even spring for someone to shop for their beloved furry friends. What does it take to succeed in this business?

Offer More Services Than Your Competitors 

Are your competitors offering grooming services? One-up them by providing a pet spa treatment! Does the competition advertise pet sitting? Go the extra mile and offer real pet mini-vacations. You can always find some way to boost your offerings without going overboard on the prices. Pet owners always want more for their pets. Hire the best answering service possible so that a professional always answers your business phones. Another benefit to hiring a professional phone service is that you never have to leave a customer or their pets unattended to answer the phone.

Continue Learning about Pets and the Pet Industry 

Knowledge is power, and nowhere does knowledge impress more than when you can give helpful tips and advice to pet owners to help them help their pets. Be the industry leader when it comes to knowledge about specific breeds, common medical conditions, and the latest grooming techniques. Your customers will happily pay for this expert treatment.

Get the Proper Licensing and Insurance Products 

Unfortunately, pet care comes with a downside: there is always a risk of a pet becoming sick or injured in your care. Whether it’s your fault — or not — your business might not survive a significant lawsuit. Even if you win, there will be legal fees and court costs involved. Protect your business with the best insurance, and always keep your licenses up to date.

The Small Business Administration is an excellent resource for determining which licenses are needed in your area.