October 8, 2014

How to Grow Your Business without Losing Your Mind

Business is booming, and that’s great! Only it seems like the work is coming in faster than you can adapt. Growing pains are a normal part of a lucrative business, but managing it day in and day out can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help you allow this growth to continue without going out of your head.

Outsource Work until You Can Afford to Hire 

It takes time to build a solid base of the right workers, so don’t rush into hires you’re not ready to make. When it comes to production, it makes sense to do your own hiring and managing, but for non-essential jobs like bookkeeping, housekeeping, and answering the phones, these things are best outsourced. Look for a good virtual receptionist who can manage phones, scheduling, and messages for you, so you and your workers can concentrate on productive tasks.

Invest in the Right Technology 

Having the right technology is essential for remaining competitive today. Whether it’s fast, reliable computers and software you need, or heavy machinery for manufacturing, invest in the best. Look for solutions that streamline operations and make work easier and more efficient.

Network with Other Local Professionals 

Whatever your challenges are, someone somewhere has likely already encountered and solved those same problems. Instead of reinventing the wheel again, maintain a network of business associates whom you can call on for advice and council. You can network at the local chamber of commerce, through trade organizations, or via social media, but these contacts are too helpful to miss out on.

While the business grows, make sure you’re implementing policies and procedures that can grow along with you. It’s time consuming and expensive to rework policies and procedures later, when the business is larger.