April 7, 2015

How to Attract the Best Talent to Your Small Business

Small businesses succeed thanks to the work of their employees. When a business fills even its lowest ranking positions with smart, talented, and enthusiastic workers, its chances of succeeding in its goals and meeting its customers needs become much greater compared to their competitors who don’t pay as much attention to the quality of their employees. Whether you’re hiring for a high-ranking position, or a spot in the call center, there are several things businesses can do to attract the best talent available:

  • Describe the benefits of working for your company – A job ad shouldn’t just be a description of an available position (though that is important). Job listings should also make it clear to prospective employees what it is that makes your business special. Don’t just tell people what you do. Tell them why you do it well and why your company is one that people should want to work for.
  • Go recruiting – Thanks to social media and other easy online communication platforms, it isn’t hard for small businesses to make connections with talented people and start recruiting future employees. The most talented people may not even be looking for a job, but with a little effort and time they can be convinced that your business is the right place for them.
  • Be honest about the position – Just like you wouldn’t want to put an ad in front of your customers that misleads them or makes promises that can’t be fulfilled, your business should be honest about exactly what each position entails. If employees feel like they’ve been misled about a position, even people who are good fits for the position will start to feel like they’ve been misled, and that they can’t trust your business to be honest with them.

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