June 16, 2018

How Has Social Media Changed Customer Service?

Social Media is Changing Business

Social media has done much more than connect people online with each other. It is also changing and influencing customer service and how it is delivered by businesses of all sizes. Whether it is small family-owned operations or call centers for global corporations, let’s take a look at how social media is being used.

  1. People can choose their type of customer service experience.

People have a wide range of support options open today they did not a decade ago. They can choose from telephone, mail, email, fax, Facebook, Twitter, or instant messaging online. If companies aren’t tapping into all these ways to provide support, they are not reaching as many customers as they could.

  1. Customer service has become an open experience.

If customers are not happy or have problems, they are posting this on social media more often than picking up the phone and calling. They tend to share the problems on multiple platforms, such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. This shines a spotlight on businesses, as everyone can see how they respond to their customers.

  1. People can help each other resolve problems.

Often, people are more than happy to post how their problem was resolved on social media sites. This can be beneficial for others with similar problems, and, sometimes, this could mean they don’t need to contact the business for help.

  1. Businesses can respond to larger groups for customers faster.

Customer service technicians can respond much faster through social media to multiple customers. They can post solutions to problems, direct customers to FAQs or other self-support options, or even take the social media conversations private, if needed, to resolve issues.

  1. Businesses can share news, updates, and changes quickly.

Social media provides an effective way to communicate with customers. You can post updates about products, new product releases, upcoming events, and other such information your customers might want to know about.

Ignoring social media and not connecting with your customers or failing to monitor your social media sites on a regular basis can hurt your business. You can get help with social media monitoring and social media customer support with our different customizable call center support packages. Please feel free to contact Always Answer at 1-800-606-9898 for further information today!