September 18, 2013

How Can Call Centers Be Used in an Emergency?

When you think of call centers, you might think of professionals calling customers to set up appointments, take surveys, or answer questions customers have about a business. While these are popular uses for centers, another lesser-known use is its ability to be set up for emergency situations.

Emergencies happen in companies, even when owners and staff members take every precaution possible to prevent them. If your business experiences a robbery, or if a medical emergency occurs about which you need to update every member of your staff, a call center can help you with this process.

Some call centers in San Antonio use an emergency system to update every person on an email list in the event of an emergency. Whether you work for a college campus and want to update students on a mugging that happened close to campus, or you are a business owner wanting to remind your employees where the fire exits are in case of an emergency, you can use one of these systems to send texts, make calls, or send emails.

For example, after you dispatch police or an ambulance to an emergency situation in your building, you can have a call center send a building-wide email explaining what is happening and what your coworkers need to do to stay safe. If something occurs near your building or campus, you can send a mass text to everyone registered in the campus directory detailing a description of a suspect or where the crime took place, so that students and staff can avoid the area.

Mass texts, calls, or emails could save lives, in some situations, so having this system set up for your office or school could be vital to maintaining a safe environment.