July 10, 2013

How Call Centers Operate

Call centers work through the use of technological advances, such as satellites and the internet, to provide inbound and outbound call services from anywhere to anywhere, without long distance fees. For instance, Personal Communications can rout inbound calls to your office in Bell Buckle, TN, to their Dallas-based call center, without having your customers dial an out-of-state number. Operators are trained to provide a broad range of services, from alarm monitoring and reporting, to customer service and sale processing.

Administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and registering clients for your organization’s events can be done using web-based calendars and registration forms to which both the operator and your staff have access. Your management team can stay abreast of customers’ needs and concerns via e-mail or fax notifications, regarding call records. You can also manage your answering service account online, using web tools that allow you to change the status of your office from open to closed, if an emergency should arise to make you close early, and to adjust your on-call staff list as schedules and availability change.

Through training, focus on excellent customer service, and features that optimize efficiency, a professional call center can aid your business in carrying out day-to-day operations, pick up the slack when your office is closed, and help your business grow.