August 12, 2013

How a Veterinarian Clinic Can Use Call Center Services


Veterinarian clinics, like medical practices that serve people, are prone to having emergencies arise, needing appointments scheduled and alarms monitored. Since an animal’s health problems can occur as unexpectedly as a human’s, it is just as important for pet owners to be able to contact their pets’ doctors at any time of the day or night, even though that wouldn’t normally be convenient for most vets. In order to keep clinics in full operation 24/7, having medical call center services or general answering services would be most beneficial.

As with a standard medical office, medical call center staff can service a veterinarian clinic to provide overflow call answering services, appointment scheduling through online calendars, and emergency message relays. The call center operators can be contracted to answer incoming calls at night and on weekends, forwarding emergency calls to an on-call doctor as necessary, or relaying emergency messages via text message, e-mail, phone call or page. Giving a pet owner the means for contacting their pet’s doctor in case of an emergency can give the owner peace of mind, especially if the pet has health problems, as it is always better to be treated a doctor who knows their patient’s medical history. For extremely busy clinics, having a medical call center operator schedule appointments or answer customer’s questions regarding services provided, or giving directions to the clinic, frees up in-house staff to attend to pets and their owners who are in the office, making the office setting less hectic and more calming for the animals.