December 23, 2021

Customer Feedback: Effective Ways to Collect It

Customer Feedback session at an answering service

If there is anything that business analysts like to emphasize to growing companies, it’s the fact that customer experience is now everything. The user experience and customer satisfaction have become the cornerstone of every company’s marketing.

One of the best ways to figure out what brings customers satisfaction, what they care about, and what concerns are important to them is to gather customer feedback. Apart from the standard customer support channels, businesses employ all kinds of methods to determine how their customers feel and what they want to see.

Here are some of the most effective methods.

Gather Insight From Comments And DMs On Social Media

With the billions of users on social media, your customers have likely reached out to your business through different social media platforms as well. Reports and studies have shown that customers contact businesses through their official social media sites to make their feedback heard, and 48% of them feel that they should get a response within 24 hours.

Make sure that your business uses the full advantages of a social media platform and gather customer input, feedback, and comments. You’ll be surprised at how much more willing customers are to chat with someone through a private message on social media or the comments section.

(Tip: In the same way you might have an answering service for your company phones, set up an automatic responding service for your IMs. Customers will appreciate knowing you’ve paid attention to them.)

Use Surveys To Get Detailed Customer Feedback

After a customer has used a service or bought a product from you, reach out to them through email or your website’s notification. Ask them to fill out a survey so you have a better feel of how the transaction experience was for them. Surveys are an excellent way to get more detailed info, especially if you ensure that there’s a space for customers to insert a message.

(Tip: Incentivize your customers by offering discount vouchers or promos if they complete the survey. They’re more likely to take a couple of minutes to fill it out if they get something out of it.)

 Collect Data On Customer Activity And Use It For Analytics

As they say, actions speak louder than words. A great way to determine what your customers are looking for is through the paths and activities on your site. See what items are making them click and what features they’re using the most.

For example, you’ve noticed an increase in the number of times a customer has dropped their cart or did not check out. Follow their steps and try to find out what’s making them abandon the cart and what’s stopping them from checking out. Make some changes that urge them to make the sale.

Maybe they’re not using a particular feature you have on your site. Their actions can explain why this site area is unpopular and give you ideas on how to modify it so that they are more likely to interact with it.

Customer Feedback Allows You To Grow As A Business And Allows You To Keep Customers Happy

Trying to find out what potential customers need, how to give them solutions, how to drive them towards your website best, how to improve their experience on your site, and other customer-centric concerns— are now business-critical. The customer might not always be right, but they must always be on your mind.

Great customer support representatives can help you gather good feedback. Contact us today to learn about what service agents can do for you, or read about the different live answering roles we have.