December 9, 2013

Categorization of Loyalty Groups by Your Texas Call Center

You may think that all your customers should be treated the same, but your Texas call center knows better. Each customer receives individual attention and is categorized into a loyalty group. These groups allow the call center to give their best service so that you receive a higher return rate.

Prospective Customer

A prospective customer has just heard about your brand or product, but has not yet decided to buy. A call center representative will speak in-depth about your company in order to gain the customer’s trust. This is an important relationship to form because this is an opportunity to create a returning customer for your brand.

First Time User

The first time user has already purchased your product, but has questions about how to use it. It may be installation issues, malfunctions, or other problems. Your Texas call center agent will be trained with you products so that they can give your new customer a solution. Your customer then knows you are a company he or she can trust and are more likely to return.

Return Customer

Your return customer is your most loyal. She has already purchased your product before and trusts your company. This is likely a customer who is loyal to your brand and chooses it over others. It is important that your call center agent is able to answer questions and continue this relationship for you.

Impulsive Buyer

An impulsive buyer is not someone who continually buys your products. Instead, they base their purchase on promotions and coupons. This means at times they will buy your competitors’ as well. A call center representative can help sway their opinion by offering knowledge of the product and why it is worth more. The impulsive shopper will become a returning customer if he feels he is getting a deal.

When your Texas call center categorizes your customers, it allows the representatives to focus on specific needs. This fosters return customers because they feel that they are heard and treated as individuals. You can help decide what type of loyal clients you may have to help your call center retain customers for you.