November 6, 2013

Call Centers Work While You Are on Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation and that includes you and your employees. With a call center, you no longer have to worry about how work will be handled when employees are absent. Call centers offer services such as call forwarding and an out of office receptionist that will keep your company running smoothly.

Call Forwarding

Generally your emails and phone calls are forwarded and transferred during holidays or vacations. Sometimes you leave, forgetting to set the message, and a call center makes it easy for you. You simply need to let the call center know when you will be away, and they will take care of the rest, with express forwarding. When someone calls your extension, it is automatically sent to a recording that your coworkers will hear. This saves you time so you can get to your vacation faster.

Out of Office Receptionist

When your receptionist is out of town and you have someone filling in for him, they may be less efficient. Phone calls build up, customer waits are longer, and the stress hits. Call centers offer a service with an out of office receptionist who is proficient with your company’s policies and needs. If your usual receptionist is busy or overwhelmed, this service can take over and relieve the workload.

Answering Service

An answering service will provide care to your customers when you are unable to. This call center service is available 24/7, whether you are closed, away, or need it for any other reason. All you need to do is forward calls to the number provided, and the call center will do the rest. Your customers will find live agents available for immediate help that are also bilingual.

When you are away, it is important to maintain customer satisfaction. Not only does it mean you continue to have happy customers, but you can relax on vacation without always checking your email and phone.