December 9, 2021

Call Center Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Call Center Trends in 2022

Call centers have undoubtedly been significant contributors to the economy, even during the upheavals stemming from the pandemic. Some specialists go as far as calling them heroes, as they kept up with the work supporting an online retail and eCommerce industry that had inflated massively.

Call centers have had to adapt and become more efficient to keep up with the huge demand and the strains against their own resources. They developed and embraced new methods to cater to businesses with scattered workforces and are rapidly digitized in multiple platforms. It makes them more capable of handling the load and more competitive against other call centers.

And this evolution of the modern call center is expected to continue into the following year. Here are some of the crucial things to watch out for among call centers next year.

Cloud-Based Solutions Continue To Get Espoused And Developed

The cloud-based call center is not going away any time soon. As many employees indicate that they want remote work to continue permanently, cloud-based platforms may be intrinsic to how the future call center will do its job.

Virtual receptionists and remote call center agents need cloud-based software to work cohesively with their in-office colleagues. And the company is expected to maintain an overall cloud-based software system that handles business and customer information, so these workers have access to the data.

Workforce Optimization Gets Ramped Up With A Call Center

Call center agents have more expectations leveled upon them. They’re no longer just bodies to answer calls, take messages, and route customers elsewhere. The qualities and skills of an ideal call center agent have become more specialized. And they need to become more efficient than ever.

Workforce optimization aims to incorporate metrics that gauge call center agents’ data, time, and performance. This is all geared towards developing agents that work better in the same amount of time. Managers are expected to use the optimization data to allocate work accordingly, depending on the agent’s skill, load capability, and performance.

 AI Will Also Be A Future Fixture With A Call Center

While the use of AI in call centers and call center software is not particularly new, more development and implementation of AI processes are expected among call centers next year. The benefits offered by AI to make a workplace more efficient can’t get ignored.

AI analytics can lighten the load of managers coding elaborate call-route algorithms. These programs can even do a comprehensive analysis of data between agents and customers to determine quick, automatic choices of appropriate replies.

 More Use Of Video In Call Centers

Workforces globally have been using Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and other video call apps to hold their calls and meetings. And now, call centers will be using video to communicate with customers as well.

It adds that much-needed human element to customer service interactions that people haven’t had a lot of recently. And through video, agents can deliver a more personalized experience to the customers. It allows customers to feel heard and understood better than just speaking to someone over a voice call.

 Call Centers Will Keep Evolving Into 2022

Call center technology and trends will keep going strong well into the foreseeable future. Companies are dependent on them to efficiently and effectively handle their customer service support and even tackle specialized virtual roles. More software supporting these call center heroes is also expected, making their jobs easier and better for both company and the customer.

Virtual receptionists and call centers will continue to become a major feature for businesses working through the pandemic. Contact us today to learn more about what call centers can do for your company or browse through the services we offer for live answering.