July 1, 2013

Break Language Barriers Using Professional Outsourcing Call Centers

Between transportation advancements, the World Wide Web and increased immigration, the world is becoming more and more socially and culturally intermingled, every day. This intermingling of people forces businesses to become diversified in order to broaden their customer base and meet customers’ needs. Since communication is necessary to accomplish anything, having the ability to cater to native speakers of various languages gives businesses an edge.

A common misconception of outsourced call centers is the image of several hundred operators with poor communication skills, who barely speak English, crammed into cubicles in a noisy room. That may be how fly-by-night companies operate, but professional call centers like Personal Communications employ operators who are fluent in English and Spanish, and who have excellent communications skills, and then put these operators through intensive training in the use of technology, customer service skills, and medical call center services.

Your business will be better able to reach a major sector of the population by offering bilingual customer service and receptionist access in English and Spanish. For further expansion of your customer base, you can choose to include multi-lingual services from Professional Communications which entail accessing their translation services. Whether you need English to Spanish services or multi-lingual services, you could use the call center as a means for breaking any language barrier in conversation between an in-house staff member and a client, by calling the call center while the customer is in your office and having them speak with a trained agent.