January 8, 2014

Answering Services Complete Customer Loyalty Surveys

Answering Services Complete Customer Loyalty Surveys

Most businesses hear “answering services” and think of the efficiency offered when customers call. Your Dallas call center can do more than handle your phone lines, though. You may not know, but one of its benefits is completing customer surveys for you.


The process begins by working directly with you to customize a series of questions. This ensures that you get the answers you need. Whether it is asking about certain products, customer service, or why they chose your business, your answering service can get the desired responses.

Data Conversion

Once the calls have been completed, the answers are converted into usable data. The statistics and other useful information are put into graphs, charts, printouts, and other materials. You can then hand these directly out to your employees so that everyone knows where the customer service stands. Visuals can be important so that employees can see their strengths and weakness.


Phone calls can be set up so that your answering service calls people directly, or so your customers call them. Answers and satisfaction levels are truthful, this way, because they do not need to worry about repercussions or hurt feelings. Your employees also get feedback without it being directly aimed at individuals. This helps, because it isn’t pointing fingers at specific people.

Your Dallas call center can do much more than make phone calls for you. Customer satisfaction is the only way that you can expect return buyers and higher profits. With a customer loyalty survey, you can know how to achieve these results.