March 22, 2024

Responsiveness With After Hours Answering Service Property Management

after hours answering service property management

Handling tenant inquiries on your own is impossible. At the very least, addressing their concerns in a timely manner is, and that’s a problem. While some tenant inquiries may be on the milder side, such as asking when rent is due, others may have serious issues that need to be addressed immediately, such as a broken water pipe.

If your property management business isn’t responsive, serious but small problems can grow exponentially, costing you thousands in the process. The issues for an unresponsive property management company don’t end there, so you need to get a handle on things quickly.

The only way to do that is with an after hours answering service property management service. 

With this call-answering tool, you can count on:

  • Faster response times
  • More availability
  • Increased tenant satisfaction

Let’s get into how this service helps you treat your tenants better.

How an After Hours Answering Service Property Management Helps You Treat Tenants Better

Keeping your properties occupied and cared for will require keeping your tenants happy. Once tenant satisfaction goes down, the likelihood of them treating your property with care and respect also plummets. An unresponsive landlord or property management company can make a tenant feel unimportant and unhappy, so responsiveness is key.

This is where an after hours property management call center service comes in. A quality answering service will employ large teams of communications specialists to handle all incoming calls. 

Communication Specialists

These communication specialists aren’t just there to answer calls quickly; they’ve been trained to be cordial and attentive. This matters for one important reason: that your tenants are your customers.

They shouldn’t have to voice their concerns and inquiries to a cold and impersonal receptionist or, worse yet, an automated voicemail. That’ll just put them off the idea of calling, which will only result in their problems getting bigger and costing you more.

Simply put, the best way to keep your property management business in the green is to keep your tenants happy by being responsive and encouraging them to communicate with you by providing them with friendly, trained call agents.

However, before integrating an answering service into your property management company, you must know one crucial thing. We will discuss this in the next section.

For Increased Tenant Satisfaction, This is What Your After Hours Answering Service Property Management Needs

While opting for an answering service for your property management business may seem prudent, not all after hours answering services are created equal. The market is inundated with numerous subpar services that merely function as glorified answering machines.

To avoid squandering your resources on inferior services, it’s essential to be discerning and seek out answering services that offer specific features tailored to the needs of a property management company.

The best approach to gauging the utility of a particular service for you and your tenants is to assess how effectively it caters to your and your tenant’s needs. Let’s explore two key features indicative of an answering service’s commitment to quality.

Recorded Calls

Recorded calls are a feature designed to get you up to speed on any issue even if you weren’t in the office that day.

You can replay any call that was answered by the answering service in its entirety. The calls are automatically recorded and stored, so you can easily play back any call whenever you want. There is one specific caveat regarding how Always Answer offers this feature.

Recorded calls are stored for 30 days at no extra charge. However, if you would like to store them for a longer period of time, you’ll have to pay a small additional fee. There is no limit to how many calls can be stored within the allotted time.

Bilingual Answering

The second key feature that’ll greatly benefit a property management business is bilingual answering. Some of your tenants may not have English as a first language and will find it difficult to communicate their needs to you. This will eventually result in miscommunication and misunderstandings. 

You can avoid the headaches with an answering service that offers bilingual answering. To give you a proper rundown of what this feature offers, let’s go over how Always Answer’s bilingual answering works. 

Always Answer trains its live agents on how to use the latest translation software. This software helps Always Answer’s live agents provide language support and communicate in over 170 languages. With this level of language support, you can rest assured that your tenants will feel comfortable and listened to, keeping your properties occupied.

While a property management answering service will bring many benefits to you and your tenants, the damages of forgoing its use can be catastrophic.

Damages of Forgoing an After Hours Answering Service Property Management

Forgoing an after hours answering service or property management service can have significant consequences, leading to increased damages and tenant dissatisfaction. 

As mentioned earlier, without round-the-clock availability, property managers risk missing critical concerns and allowing small problems to escalate into larger issues due to delayed response times.

One of the primary dangers of not having an after hours answering service is the inability to promptly address tenant concerns. 

Whether it’s a maintenance issue, water leak, or noise complaint, tenants expect timely resolution. Without an immediate response mechanism in place, minor issues can quickly snowball into major problems, resulting in costly repairs and potential property damage.

Escalating Damage

For instance, a water leak left unattended overnight can lead to extensive water damage, compromising the property’s structural integrity and necessitating costly repairs. Similarly, unresolved tenant grievances can escalate, leading to heightened frustration and dissatisfaction, potentially resulting in tenant turnover and loss of revenue.

Moreover, slow emergency response times can lead to tenant dissatisfaction and strained landlord-tenant relationships. Angry tenants may voice their grievances publicly, tarnishing the property management company’s reputation and deterring prospective tenants from renting units.

In summary, forgoing a real estate answering service can have dire consequences, including:

  • Increased property damage
  • Tenant dissatisfaction
  • Reputational harm
  • Costly repairs

Fortunately, avoiding all of the above is easier than it sounds. All it takes is for you to employ the leading property management answering service.

after hours answering service property management

Best After Hours Answering Service Property Management

They’ve been mentioned several times throughout this post, and for good reason. Always Answer is the premier after hours answering service for property management because it has the features required to keep your tenants happy and a workforce consisting of communications specialists.

The service is easy to integrate into your existing operations, requiring very little from you to set up and get going. In addition to its simplistic setup, Always Answer won’t charge you for any unanswered calls. You can rest assured that the service will be committed to improving your customer support capabilities and responsiveness as well.

On the relevant pages, you can learn more about Always Answer and its additional features, including its employee screening services.

After Hours Answering Service Property Management FAQs

Below, we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions about answering services for property management businesses. Keep in mind that the information provided will mainly pertain to Always Answer.

What services does an after hours answering service for property management offer?

An after hours answering service for property management typically provides round-the-clock call handling, including emergency dispatch for maintenance issues, tenant inquiries, lease-related questions, and property emergencies.

How does an after hours answering service benefit property management companies?

An after hours answering service enhances tenant satisfaction by responding promptly to inquiries and emergencies, regardless of the time of day..

Can an after hours answering service handle bilingual calls?

Yes, Always Answer offers bilingual support to cater to the diverse needs of your tenants. Whether tenants prefer to communicate in English, Spanish, or other languages, bilingual call handling ensures effective communication and fosters trust

Getting the Best After Hours Answering Service Property Management

As mentioned before, Always Answer is not only the premier after hours answering service for property management but also easy to integrate into your daily workflow. All that is required of you is to contact us by filling out our form. Enter the required information and expect a response within 24 hours.

From there, you’ll quickly speak to a representative about your needs and get set up with a new number that your tenants can call. That’s all it takes to increase the responsiveness of your property management business and better serve your tenants.