December 16, 2013

A New Way to Record Calls

Businesses may need their calls recorded for a variety of reasons. These may include simple quality checks or for liability purposes. Your Texas call center, though, has a new way to perform this service that is much more reliable.

Old Call Center Technology

Other call centers could record only based on installed software and many still run this way. It leaves a lot of room for technological or human error, including operating systems, recording software, and audio cards, among others. If one of these processes failed, the call would not be recorded.

New Technology

Your Texas call center uses a new method to monitor your calls that takes away the possibility of failure. It will use inline server level recording through personalized communication. That means, for up to 30 days, your phone call will be available for playback when you need it. If you know you need recorded calls longer than that, customizable options allow you to choose extra storage space.

Patch Calls

Along with everyday calls, patched calls can now be recorded through your call center as well. The call center connects the recipient through your phone line. As this occurs, the recording is started and the center drops the line. This offers the coverage you need while still giving you privacy.

Many companies find recorded calls quite beneficial. It is easy to go back, even randomly, to listen to provided services. You can then perform quality checks to ensure your customers are receiving the level of care you require. Recorded calls, of course, also offer many other benefits dependent on your needs.