March 17, 2015

4 Tips for Providing the Best Customer Service in 2015

If there’s one thing we’ve learned running a modern call center, it’s that today’s customers expect a high level of customer service from the companies they do business with. Whatever your industry, it’s important to provide your customers with the highest level of support possible. Make 2015 the year your business recommits to customer service, by following these four steps:

  1. Get back to basics – Some things never change, and that includes the basic principles of customer service. Customers expect the company representatives they speak with to be polite, helpful, and attentive to their concern. Whether you’re interacting with customers over the phone, by email, or over social media, be sure to renew your company’s commitment to fulfilling the most basic aspects of customer service to every customer. Have your reps say “please,” “thank you,” and other simple but necessary polite phrases. Even that small step will help boost the level of customer service you provide.
  2. Name names – Customers don’t want to be treated like they’re just a number or a file, they want to be treated like a person. Likewise, they want to feel like the representative that they are speaking with is an individual who cares about their concerns, not just a cog in a machine. The quickest way to establish that kind of rapport is for the customer and the representative to share their names with each other. Have your customer service reps introduce themselves, and make sure they take down their customers’ names as well.
  3. Follow through – Don’t be one of those customer service lines that takes forever to respond, doesn’t do what it says it will, and otherwise tries its customers’ patience. Respond quickly, keep appointments, and make sure that what your reps say will get done, gets done.
  4. Treat your customer service reps well – Establishing a healthy customer service culture doesn’t stop at how the customers are treated. When a company treats its representatives well, they are more likely to care about the company and the image of it that they project.

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Beautiful Customer Representative with headset smiling during a telephone conversation