March 8, 2011

Selecting Call Centers for your Health Care Center

An essential part of your health care agency is providing your patients with 24 hour a day live phone answering to ensure that their concerns are met in a timely fashion. Call centers must be set up and trained for medical answering services which are not like most other types of answering services. In addition to being 24 hours a day and 7 days a week,  a call center must meet the needs and requirements of your health care business and federal laws.

Call Centers must First be HIPAA Compliant

One of the first things to be sure of when choose an answering service is that it is fully HIPPA compliant, this means that every agent that answers your calls must go through extensive training and sign a confidentiality agreement. In addition you want to make sure that the call centers you are considering have the services you want, some of the services you can delegate to a call center include, appointment scheduling, a virtual receptionist for when you and your staff are on break, and emergency dispatch services.