July 29, 2013

Outsource Customer Service

Many online companies, expanding small businesses, and even large corporations can sometimes find it difficult to provide the high level of customer service they need and would like to provide their customers. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day or enough people in-office to answer every call. With Personal Communications, that trouble can be a concern of the past for your business.

Not only does the Dallas-based call center of Personal Communications have top-of-the-line equipment and programs that make handling large volumes of calls easier, they also have a staff of highly trained, professional operators who, with instruction from you, can provide customer service in those needing medical call center services, or industry and organization-style services.

Call center operators serve as customer service representatives who can process sales orders, give general information about your business, such as office hours and location, use gps mapping to give directions, and even schedule appointments for you rand your staff. All messages and any calls needing one of your staff’s immediate attention can be directed to the appropriate in-house staff member in real time, via live message-delivery services, or an electronic message such as e-mail, fax, or text messages. Having a polite, live voice on the other end of the line makes customers much happier than if they have to jump through hoops to get to talk to a real person or end up talking to an in-house staff member who has other work to do, and who is unable to give the customer their full attention. Receiving personal attention keeps customers coming back.