June 17, 2021

Order Tracking & Its Benefits for Your eCommerce Business

Order Tracking for Online Retailers

The digital revolution has created a more level business landscape by shifting power to the customers. Nowadays, it’s conceivable for smaller online retailers to compete with industry giants. What is essential is prioritizing what customers value in order for your business to thrive.

For instance, retail research revealed that 73.6% of shoppers say delivery time is the most important part of their shopping experience. Customers want to know when exactly their package will reach them. How do you let customers engage with the delivery process and let them feel some control over their order?

You can implement an order tracking system.

What Is Order Tracking?

Order tracking is a system that lets your business or a customer monitor the status of online shipments and orders. The system’s features include estimated delivery dates, shipment tracking, and order status updates. These play a vital role in the customer’s shopping experience.

So, the order tracking service for customers lets your buyers know where their package is at any given time, as well as when to expect their delivery. They are also notified of delays.

Order tracking puts both the buyer and seller on the same table and eliminates the chaos of going back-and-forth between the two parties. In a nutshell, it informs both customers and business owners about the status of the order from start to finish.

Benefits of Using an Order Tracking Service

Here are just some main benefits of having order tracking:

Lower Costs.

Dealing with the inquiries and complaints of your customers is expensive. However, your customer reviews may suffer if you don’t reply to inquiries and try to smooth over any complaints.

With the order tracking system implemented, you will have to field fewer inquiries because the customer has access to the information themselves. Should there be any higher-level issues, the system should allow you to search through the orders and find what you need.

Order tracking lessens the burden on your customer support team by automating the process. It lets you save money and time so you can invest in other processes to improve the experience of your customers.

Meeting Customer Expectations.

Most customers expect to be able to track their orders at each step of the shipping process. Your business needs an order tracking system if you don’t want to lose to major retailers like Amazon.

You risk losing customers if you don’t provide this expected feature. If you implement an order tracking service that conveniently brings the latest information that your customers seek, their expectations will be met. They will more likely give a good review, buy again, or share about you to their communities.

Overall, allowing your customers to track their orders at each stage of the delivery process is a very powerful way to elevate their shopping experience.

More Control Over Fulfillment.

With an order tracking system, you can quickly and easily address issues that will arise over the order fulfillment process. Without it, important tracking information can be missed or lost. This can result in a less-than-stellar customer experience and lead to many email complaints. An order tracking service can minimize customer issues and thus, gain more sales.

Turn to the Industry Experts

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