January 16, 2015

How to Make Your One-Time Customers Come Back for More

What is the difference in a business that makes it, and a business that fails? The primary difference is that those that manage to stay in business and turn a profit are the ones that can bring customers back for more. Repeat business is the saving grace of every type of business, from automotive dealerships, to dentists, to auto mechanics. Here’s how to get your one-time customers to become committed fans.

Improve Your Offerings

Do you have a better selection and variety than you had last year, or the year before? When customers come to do business with you, can you provide them with a fair and easily understood price structure? Do you offer new products that are hard to find or not affordable elsewhere? The hallmark of a growing business is that they continually listen to their customers and provide the selections people want. As you boost your product line, you’ll need to enlist the help of a small business answering service, because new product offerings usually generate lots of callers who have questions.

Improve Your Products

Are your products better today than they were last year? It’s easy to let quality slip, over time. But customers won’t let your quality fall too far until they quit coming back asking for more. Quality should be something you hone and improve continually. For example, when the Android Google Play Store first opened, it could hardly compete with Apple’s App Store. Over time, however, Android added tons of new apps, songs, and other downloadable content, while improving their customers’ store experience. Now the two are neck-and-neck in many respects. Your business can learn from this model by always working to improve things you can control — like customer experience, quality, and product selection.

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