October 1, 2014

How a New Attorney Gets a Legal Business Started

Are you preparing to open the doors of your new legal practice for the first time? There is a lot to get done. Fortunately, there are some areas where you can cut costs, though there are other areas where it pays to spend generously. Here’s how to get started.

Take Business Classes 

Running a law firm is about more than legal knowledge and skills; it’s also about running a successful business. It’s a good idea to put a business class or two under your belt, as well as an accounting and marketing class. All of these skills are necessary for running any type of successful business, including a law firm.

Get Your Contacts List Together before Opening the Doors 

Before you open for business, renew your contacts and old relationships, including any attorneys who might pop up as opposing counsel, and local experts, private investigators, and judges. Be sure to include these important contacts when you send out your announcements about opening the new firm.

Invest in Professional Business Items 

Some things can’t be scrimped on, such as business cards and stationery, and professional answering services. You’ll need to get a legal answering service that is familiar with answering the calls common to law firms, including taking calls from upset clients, and calls that can involve sensitive information about the case, or clients or a business you’re working with.

Create a Work Process Others Can Follow

Though you might start out as a solo act, you’ll eventually be hiring receptionists, a secretary, and other workers. As you develop your work processes, make sure you’re using filing and other system that will be easy for others to follow later, when the office is fully staffed.

Starting any new business is exciting, so enjoy opening the doors of your new law practice!