March 17, 2014

Don’t Automate All Your Calls

As your business grows, inevitably your phones start ringing more. Many companies think adding automated prompts and messages is the best solution for this. Easy problems are solved without taking time away from your employees. This method, however, may keep you from figuring out issues customers are having. A call center, instead, allows you to find the problem and solve it.

Open Your Lines, Lose Valuable Information

The automated process opens your phone lines. Most companies utilize this for problems with billing methods, product issues or forgotten emails. If you use only automated phones, the problems are solved, but customers continue to have the issue. You may, for example, have an error with a payment going through when PayPal is used. Everyone who purchases this method calls and ends up with an automated message. Your company, then, doesn’t know that it may be a simple coding issue on your end. This results in open lines because the problem is not being addressed.

When to Automate

There are times automated messages are useful, and even call centers use these. An automated menu, for example, is helpful to narrow down customer issues. This sends the customer to the right department for help. It cuts down on wait times and call durations, improving satisfaction. Automated messages are also useful for brief times of absence, such as when you are on vacation or at lunch. It gives customers expectations.

Instead of letting automatic messages take care of your customers, let a call center. Through solving the lesser issues that can be widespread, you improve customer satisfaction. Not only this, you will also find your overhead costs are lowered.

Don’t leave your phones to robots. Use a call center.