February 28, 2018

Customer Service Dos and Don’ts

Building relationship with consumer with a handshake

Going above and beyond for your customers is beneficial in that you can build a trusting relationship with consumers. Taking care of your customers can also help you to outpace your competitors. However, customer service isn’t something that always comes naturally. In the flurry of mapping your business’s future to balancing the budget, customer service can fall by the wayside.

Here are dos and don’ts to implement in your company to ensure customer satisfaction.

DO Respect Your Customer
All relationships start with respect. With customers, you’re in charge of making them feel important and valuable. Respect your customers by being polite, attentive, and friendly.

DON’T Blame the Customer
We’ve all heard the phrase the customer is always right, and, in the business world, this is true. Never blame your customers, even if it truly is their fault. Always take responsibility and let customers know that you’re sincerely sorry for the situation.

DO Show Gratitude
Two of the easiest yet most impactful words you can say to a customer are “thank you.” Let customers know that you appreciate them taking the time to leave a product review. Thank them for helping your business become top-rated in the area. Showing gratitude makes your company personable and shows your true caring spirit.

DON’T Ignore Customer Feedback
Over the lifespan of your company, you’re bound to receive both good and bad feedback. If a customer provides criticism, take it as a learning lesson and a way to better your company. Turning the negative into something positive is good for everyone involved.

DO Be Available
For consumers, there’s nothing more frustrated than a company that isn’t available to answer a question or concern. Availability is key if you want customers to not only purchase your product but to trust your brand and make repeat purchases in the future. Boosting your company’s availability can be as simple as using a virtual receptionist on your website or running a call center.

Customer Service Made Easycustomer service at call center

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