March 12, 2014

Customer Expectations Are Evolving

The experience your customers have matters. It can revolutionize your business or cause it to fail. With the shifts in technology, their expectations for service are changing. Most people carry smart phones, tablets and other devices that connect them not only to your phone lines, but the Internet.

Mobile Expectations

People who use smart phones generally tend to want answers immediately. This means no long waits or tedious conversations with agents. The phone is pulled out because they cannot wait until they are home for resolution. You then need to choose call center services to meet these growing expectations.

  • SMS Response: When the problems are simple, you can offer an SMS sent directly to the customer’s phone. This gets an almost instant response with no interaction. It is best utilized with queries like forgotten passwords or verification processes.
  • Voice Recognition Software: The voice recognition software allows users to speak to a computer system that is programmed to understand key words. The customer is then forwarded to the correct department after information is received. It means a faster response because there is no middleman necessary.

With the evolving expectations, you are going to want to develop websites or applications. When these are first created, there are usually a lot of bugs and issues with customer accounts or experiences. You can use the call center to answer these questions so their experience remains positive. A call center can help you reach customers quickly and without hassle, which is what the evolving and technology-reliant society wants.