April 26, 2012

A Call Center Service Can Help In Emergency Situations

As a physician you probably have an automated answering system that handles most of your after-hours calls relatively effectively. But have you ever given much thought to the way it handles patients who have an emergency situation.  If your automated system does nothing more than tell these patients to hang up and dial 911, they may not get the help they need. When want to make sure that your patients are going to be taken care of, you should choose a call center service that offers a 24 hour emergency dispatch service.

Our Call Center Service Is Perfect for Most Medical Facilities

With the growth in home health care as an option to nursing homes, you will find that this is one of the more common types of medical facilities that can make use of this type of service. Dealing with the elderly often means coping with someone who is confused or incapable of making more than the one phone call, when you have a a call center service that can intercept the call from one of your clients, it can mean the difference between life and death for that patient.